The Benefits of Spray Foam

Jay Foam Insulation offers Foamsulate Eco as a spray foam solution for home owners as well as commercial builders and contractors. Foamsulate Eco is a cost effective and environmentally friendly insulation that provides excellent benefits to your health and comfort.

This closed cell foam is a vapour barrier on virtually any substrate (surface) after 2” depth. It has a long term thermal rating (LTTR) of R20.33 at just over 3.5”.  Foamsulate Eco can be sprayed on the interior and exterior of buildings creating a monolithic, air tight seal completely eliminating the infiltration/ex-filtration of air.  It guaranteed to never crack, sag, or gap.

Two liquids are mixed at a high temperature and high pressure in the gun.  As the mixing occurs, it clings to the substrate expanding 20-30 times what it is in liquid form and will expand to fill the smallest gaps, giving you an air tight barrier and insulation.

R-value is very important, but what is equally as important, is preventing convection (the transfer of heat by air movement from hot areas to cold areas). Being able to stop this can eliminate up to 80% of your heat loss, giving you a safer home that maintains temperature like nothing else.

View technical data sheet in PDF.

Foamsulate Eco TDS (.pdf, 280.77 KB )
Premium Spray Products Canada innovative Type 2 certified foam

Efficiency Plus TDS (.pdf, 84.63 KB )
CCMC 13249-R

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    On time, on budget and easy to work with.  I plan to hire Jay Foam Insulation again when I renovate my 2nd floor.

    Darcie M. – Commercial

    Dear Mr. Jay I am so impressed with the job you did foaming my storage room,You were so fast, I thought ‘you couldn’t be done!’ But it was! It looks so nice, I almost don’t want to cover it up with drywall! And I notice the increase in warmth the minute I walk in the …

    M. Pihowich – Residential

    I called to explain my project to Travis.   He was very knowledgable and was able to provided great recommendations.  This made selecting Jay Foam Insulation for my project a very easy choice.  Thanks, Travis, for a job well done.

    Mel D. – Residential