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Foamsulate Eco series is a bio based, closed cell polyurethane foam insulation system that not only insulates but blocks pollutants, stops air flow in and out of your home, and reduces noise while also increasing structural strength.  Foamsulate insulation and air barrier materials emit no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and contain no ozone depleting blowing agents.  By eliminating condensing surfaces and offering no food source, polyurethane foam systems help to resist mould, mildew, and pest infestations, contributing to a safer, healthier indoor environment.

Foamsulate has an outstanding long term thermal rating
(LTTR) of 5.8 per inch.

Efficiency Plus to view brochure click here.

Efficiency Plus is an open cell foam that insulates while providing other high performance benefits, including sound absorption, healthier indoor air quality , and protection from thermal leaks. The water blown foam flows easily into difficult to reach areas and creates a seamless seal. It out performs fiberglass and cellulose in insulating value bycreating a more airtight building envelope and preventing thermal leaks.

Efficiency Plus can provide improved air quality by inhibiting mould and mildew growth. It absorbs sound and makes living spaces quieter and can even improve acoustical performance for theatre rooms. It maintains it’s physical characteristics and does not sag over time.

Foamsulate 200  (Industrial)

HTS’s FOAMSULATE TM 200 system is a two component, one-to-one by volume,  spray applied rigid polyurethane foam. It provides a self adhering, seamless, high insulation value material.

FOAMSULATE 200 utilizes an EPA approved, zero ozone-depleting (zero ODS), blowing agent and is ASTM E 84 Fire Rated Class 1. FOAMSULATE 200 provides excellent insulation for generalpurpose insulation needs.

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    On time, on budget and easy to work with.  I plan to hire Jay Foam Insulation again when I renovate my 2nd floor.

    Darcie M. – Commercial

    Dear Mr. Jay I am so impressed with the job you did foaming my storage room,You were so fast, I thought ‘you couldn’t be done!’ But it was! It looks so nice, I almost don’t want to cover it up with drywall! And I notice the increase in warmth the minute I walk in the …

    M. Pihowich – Residential

    I called to explain my project to Travis.   He was very knowledgable and was able to provided great recommendations.  This made selecting Jay Foam Insulation for my project a very easy choice.  Thanks, Travis, for a job well done.

    Mel D. – Residential